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Pristine Salt Chlorinator (100 amp) PRI-100, Reverse Polarity
Pristine Salt Chlorinator (100 amp) PRI-100, Reverse Polarity
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Motor (2 Hp, 208/ 230v) Threaded, Full-Rated-C Frame, EE, Century (ST1202) * Used
Motor (2 Hp, 208/ 230v) Threaded, Full-Rated-C Frame, EE, Century (ST1202) * Used
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Salt Pool Systems

Saltwater Chlorinators  are sometimes called Chlorine Generators.  This is because of how they work.  They actually generate chlorine from salt.   All Chlorine is made from salt and the chlorine factories actually use this technology to manufacture chlorine, package it and sell it to you.  Why not make it yourself and you will never have to buy chlorine or shock again.  

We do not sell salt chlorinators to save money with a residential pool, because the initial cost is high and the cells go out in 3 to 7 years.  We do sell them for the water quality.  You get softer water, no eye irratation or red eyes. Your hair and skin feel soft when you get out of water.   When you buy chlorine it has lots of fillers that hold the chlorine together. With a salt system you do not have any fillers, so there are no Carcinogens being ingested into your body.  (Carcinogens are a know cause of cancer( This makes for much safer water for you and your children. 

There are two types of chlorine generators. Manual clean and self cleaning.  Calcium is what collects on the plate during the electrolytic conversion.  On manual system you may need to clean this cell weekly (at least),  and with a self cleaning system it cleans itself.  Self Cleaning systems are a little more costly.  We do recommend the self cleaning systems for ease of maintenance.

These systems work on both commerical and residential pools.  However due to high bather loads in a commerical pool they must be sized differently.  Please call us for a sizing chart if you are buying for a commercial pool.

 Note:  The most important part of your pool or spa is the sanitation.  You have a great deal of money invested in your pool  and the sanitizing should be the most important feature.  Why spend thousands of dollars on a pool,  only to use a cheap chlorinator or none at all.  We highly recommend installing a salt water chlorinator.  Your family will absolutely love it.

Autoclear by Polaris
Autoclear by Polaris
CircuPoolŪ Systems
CircuPoolŪ Systems
Clearwater / Zodiac
Clearwater / Zodiac
CompuPool Salt Chlrorinators
CompuPool Salt Chlrorinators
Eco-Matic (Chloromatic)
Eco-Matic (Chloromatic)
Hayward/ Goldline/ Aquarite
Hayward/ Goldline/ Aquarite
I-Pure by Intermatic
I-Pure by Intermatic
Intellichlor by Pentair
Intellichlor by Pentair

Jandy Aquapure by Zodiac
Jandy Aquapure by Zodiac
Pristine Salt Chlorinators
Pristine Salt Chlorinators

Replacement Cells
SaltLogic Salt Chlorinators
SaltLogic Salt Chlorinators
Saltmaster (Australia)
Saltmaster (Australia)
Seal Salt Water Chlorinators
Seal Salt Water Chlorinators
SGS (Saline Generating Systems)
SGS (Saline Generating Systems)

Spa Salt Water Chlorinators
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01.Aquarite Salt Water Chlorinator (40,000 gallons) AQR-X296
02.OBSOLETE-CompuPool (CPSC24) Salt Chlorinator (to 28,000 gals) Self Cleaning
03.Technichlor, Spa Salt Water Chlorinator (No Lights)To 1000 Gallons, Controlomatic
04.Aquatrol RJ Salt Water Chlorinator-A/G Pools, Hayward (AQ-Trol-RJ)
05.Autopilot Digital Nano W/ SC-36 Manifold (Nano-Manifold) 220 V (DN2)
06.Autopilot Digital(DIG-60) 50,000 gallons, Salt Water Chlorinator
07.Eco-Matic (ESC-36)36,000 gal, Self Cleaning Chlorinator (M0563USA)
08.Jandy Aquapure (P-1400) 40,000 gal. Salt water Generator- Kit
09.Aquarite Pro Chemistry Kit 2, ph Dispense (AQL-CHEM2)
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